King of the air

Turboprops are sometimes overlooked but it’s worth remembering that a classic example like the Beechcraft King Air can be a cost-efficient and ultra-reliable alternative to your usual light jet charter.

In continuous production since 1964, the Beechcraft King Air turboprop is the first of its kind and has outlasted every one of its rivals. It holds its own against similar-sized jets, boasting a similar capacity and range as the Citation CJ series, and actually trumps both the Citation Mustang and the Phenom 100 using the same criteria.

The King Air can go where other aircraft cannot, making it the ideal choice for landing on shorter runways like La Môle (St-Tropez), St Gallen and Lugano. These tiny airports are only reachable by the smallest of jets, and even then only when the weather allows.

The efficiency of turboprops makes them cost-effective too: a flight from London Luton to Côte d’Azur International on a Mustang will set you back in excess of €8,000, whereas a King Air is almost 20 percent less at €6,500. Where the Mustang will be a tight squeeze with four passengers plus luggage, the King Air boasts eight seats, a vast luggage hold, and a quiet, comfortable cabin.

So the next time you’re planning to travel, request a quote for a King Air and you might just discover your new favourite way to fly!

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