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As promised, I’m back with a quick blog update on how to vote Victor for Growth Champion of the Year, as part of this year’s respected Growth Investor Awards.

Victor is now one of eight shortlist finalists, and the only aviation and travel brand still in the mix – representing the dynamic frontline of our sector. Earlier this summer, of course, there were 15 long-listed finalists including one of our competitors Private Fly and representatives from a wide variety of sectors including food, retail and entertainment.

I have now been interviewed by the organisers about Victor’s growth story to date, and you can watch the short video via the official website here:

Crucially, you can vote for Victor here too! Please note that the deadline is 12pm, October 3, and that your quick ‘clicks’ will be used in conjunction with a final judging round by an independent panel of experts.

We have other good news today! We’ve been recognized by Bloomberg’s influential Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) specialist Chris Lowe in an official business note which summarises the disruptive, on demand Victor marketplace as ‘scaling very effectively’. Chris elaborates that we are ‘already out-performing all other digital charter brokers based on ‘full fare’ charter revenue’ and ‘enjoying consistent high growth which is continuing to accelerate’. In actual fact, Victor is on course to add $18m in incremental revenue for 2016.

I am, again, immensely proud of my team and business, Victor’s sustained growth and top-level performance earning ever greater recognition within our sector and beyond.

I think it is an interesting question to ask why our sector has not attracted any real institutional funding to date, and why most charter players appear to be so non-fundable? It probably comes back to what we have said before – that, unfortunately, many start-up ideas in this space will fail. In struggling with the enterprise economics of disruption, and in pushing for traction and growth at ‘any’ cost, many new charter players are leaving themselves exposed. New businesses must fully understand their customer, how to talk to them, and how to present and build their brand. If a business is to succeed, then it needs a sustainable business plan and a sharp management team to boot.

I like to think that Victor, hopefully, leaves the door open for those investors wishing to get into this incredibly exciting and increasingly dynamic sector but who, hitherto, have not been convinced by the hype and noise exerted in the market to date.

Anyway, returning to Victor, the team and I will be hugely honoured you feel able to vote for us as your aviation growth champion. Remember, the deadline is up in a couple of weeks and we really want to fly the flag for world-class charter aviation.

Clive Jackson, Founder & CEO, Victor


Aviation Growth Champion

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