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With preparations for the Monaco Yacht Show in full swing, we caught up with Victor’s official superyacht partner Burgess to find out what they have in store for visitors and buyers at the world’s greatest floating fair.

From the beautiful triple-mast Athena, which combines old-school looks with hi-tech wizardry, to the ice-class explorer Ulysses (pool, cinema, gym, spa, helideck and hangar all included), Burgess has it covered.

Read our conversation with Alev Karagulle, the superyacht specialist from Burgess:

Hi Alev, how are preparations for the show shaping up, and what can we expect from Burgess this year?

We always exhibit a large selection of yachts for sale so it’s a complex show to coordinate, and logistics have to be juggled right up until the last moment. This year we’ll be exhibiting Athena, a beautiful 90-metre triple-mast schooner that combines the aesthetics of traditional design with modern technology. We’ll also be showcasing a wide cross-section of high-quality motor and sailing yachts to appeal to all tastes and budgets.

What are the key superyacht trends to emerge for 2016?

The sales market has been very active this year, with buyers focusing on relatively new pre-owned yachts that come with a strong pedigree – including a resurgence of interest in sailing yachts. Clients are also embarking on new-build projects again, which is always a positive barometer for the superyacht industry.

How can you tell a serious buyer?

At the very top sector of the market where the prices are significant, a prospective buyer will never be anonymous – plus they will usually have a history of superyacht ownership. In general terms, experienced sales brokers have highly-tuned antennae and can gauge the authenticity of the client’s purchase intentions through the discussion and negotiation process.

Tell us about your Monaco: where do you like to go when you get a break from the show?

There are almost too many fabulous places to choose from but both of the Joël Robuchon restaurants (the signature main restaurant or the modern Japanese, Yoshi) at the Hotel Metropole offer a wonderful and elegant dining experience away from the buzz of the show. Sass Café is good for its brasserie-type atmosphere, and Buddha Bar is always fun for cocktails and music before heading back to the hotel to recharge batteries for the next day.

And finally, if you could pick a superyacht on the Burgess roster on which to sail into the sunset, which would it be and why?

We obviously love all the amazing creations on our roster, as they each have different redeeming features, but I think the new 107-metre ice-class explorer yacht Ulysses has to be one of the most extraordinary we have ever listed for sale. She is the ultimate go-anywhere vessel, with facilities such as a swimming pool, a cinema, a gym and spa, a helideck and hangar, plus a huge inventory of toys. On Ulysses, the world really is your oyster.

The Monaco Yacht Show takes place from 28 September to 1 October 2016.

Pictures courtesy of Burgess*

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