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Hi Tom, why do you think demand for heavy/ultra-long-range jet charter is increasing here at Victor?

 As more heavy jets become available on the European market, prices are getting more competitive. For example, operators like Windsor Jet are offering smart deals on one-way transatlantic flights on a Gulfstream G-IV. A jet like this one is popular with touring artists because of its comfortable cabin and luggage capacity – after all, musical instruments tend to take up a fair bit of space.

Another reason for the growing demand is that clients are trusting technology more: someone may have used the app to book flights on light jets before but now they know we’re still there with them every step of the way, they’re booking their larger jet requirements from their smartphone too.

Who typically charters a heavy jet?

It’s a fairly diverse range, from families flying across Europe on their holidays and who want a more spacious cabin, to touring musicians who are after more space and a bed to relax in between shows.

A lot of heavy jets have a table and wifi, which makes them popular with business travellers, as well as high net-worth individuals seeking luxury and space.

And what are the benefits?

Where do I start? A larger cabin, more baggage space, berthable seats, a flight attendant, a hot-food galley, and a full-size washroom are just some of the benefits that can come with a heavy jet.

How far can you go on a heavy jet?

 How long is a piece of string? To give you a few examples, you can comfortably fly on a Falcon 2000LX direct from London to Dubai – that’s 4,000 nautical miles (nm) – with 10 passengers. A Challenger 850 can do 2,800nm nonstop with 14 passengers, which is the equivalent of London to Cairo. And if 10 of you wanted to fly from Teterboro to London direct, I would recommend a Challenger 604. All of these jets and more are available to charter through Victor.

What’s your favourite heavy jet?

It has to be Embraer’s Legacy 650. Compared to other aircraft in its class, the cabin is very spacious with three truly separate zones and an enclosed lavatory. It’s quiet, it’s got a great range, and there’s space for 13 passengers in the day and six beds in its nighttime configuration.

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