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This time last week we were being strenuously audited by ARGUS International Inc. for their prestigious Certified Charter Broker Program. The Program represents the most widely recognised, highly regarded source of audited information on the jet charter sector globally, demanding that fully ‘certified’ charter providers satisfy the major expectations and due diligence requirements of charterers and operators, and continue to maintain and enhance them. There are thousands of brokers and charter providers globally, and yet just a handful have earned ARGUS ‘certification’ to date.

Victor, proudly, is now one of the club. Last week, the team and business were rigorously measured and able to demonstrate compliance against a recognised set of industry best practices. More precisely, we demonstrated robust knowledge of, and compliance with a whole host of relevant regulations and standards imposed on Victor according to where it is geographically based, and where our charters travel. ARGUS’ new rating of the first-mover Victor marketplace is unbiased, independent and deeply trusted – it reemphasises the team and I’s commitment to transparent, regulated, best practice charter.

Furthermore, it reminds peers, partners and customers of our priorities. Victor has achieved four-year average sales growth of 139% yet the team is working hard to make sure that this impressive growth doesn’t compromise our processes or quality of service, so far as customer and operator experience is concerned. Delivering an amazing experience is every bit as important as financial pedigree.

“There are many brokers in the industry but only the very best can qualify as ARGUS Certified,” commented Joe Moeggenberg, President and CEO of ARGUS International, Inc earlier this week. “Victor impressed us with the effective application of systems and procedures designed to strengthen their relationship with operators and customers, and allowing them to confidently handle all manner of business scenarios. Underpinned by a compelling mix of hi-tech and high-touch customer service, Victor’s vibrant, growing business is well positioned to positively impact standards across the wider charter broker industry in terms of delivering clear, cost-effective and reliable air travel.”

To receive such a commendation is a fantastic feeling, and testament to the passion and dedication we all have here for what we do. In actual fact, there are only a small handful of providers among an international cast of thousands that have been able meet ARGUS’ sky-high standards for certification to date – that truly is a huge achievement.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. Not at all. We are successfully disrupting the old-world, analogue players through our unique mix of technology and detail-obsessed customer service. Our considerable investment in technology is allowing us to transact to the lower cost more effectively than those traditional providers. Tech and a real focus on travel experience are fuelling our growth curve. It follows that more and more customers are coming to us from rival businesses – traditional and online copyists – and we are proving able to build a strong and lasting relationship with them.

So much has happened since May when we were officially declared an ARGUS ‘registered’ provider. We have secured 20th position – the highest position for an aviation company – in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 list of fastest growing private Brit tech companies, and confirmed that we are on course to generate $18m in incremental revenue for 2016. That’s no mean feat. We’re a UK Growth Investor Awards’ finalist for Growth Champion (the only aviation representative too – an overall champion is declared next week!) and now comes ARGUS’ top-level certification. November and December are still ahead but this, already, has been a great, great year.

As always, the team and I thank our customers and industry partners for their immense support.

Mike Ryan, Co-Founder and Head of Supply for Victor.


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