Introducing the Nextant 400XTi

The Superior Charter Returns – the remanufactured light jet that clearly outperforms the competition in nearly every category.

Sometimes it takes a new player to change the game. Which is exactly what Nextant Aerospace is aiming to do with the Nextant 400XTi — a plane that easily out flies any other aircraft in its price bracket.
The product of an innovative remanufacturing process, each new Nextant jet starts life as a classic Beechjet 400A/XP. Then after 6,000 man hours, a rebuilt plane emerges that’s so completely transformed it receives a brand new Year of Manufacture.

Upgraded engines, advanced avionics and tweaked aerodynamics improve fuel efficiency by almost a third and boost the range to 2,000 miles (a 50% increase). Which makes it the only jet in its class able to fly city pairs like London – Athens, New York – Miami or Munich – Lisbon.

But the most astounding feature is the price. At $4.5million it’s roughly half the cost of its competitors, making it one of the economical ways to get airborne in a private jet. Game on.

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