The Top Places to Visit in Zürich

Zürich is more than a pleasant place to do business. A consistent high performer in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey, which bases its findings on a set of metrics including the economy, education, the environment, health and transport, it offers a refreshing alternative to the cut and thrust of a megacity without compromising on cosmopolitan values. These days, you’ll find a friendly Zürchers splashing about on one of its river beaches – read on to find out the favourite places to visit from our very own Davide Paladino.

  1. Dolder Grand Hotel
    Start by paying a visit to the Dolder Grand Hotel for the most amazing views of the Alps and Lake Zürich. The rack railway from Römerhof station takes you right to the top of the hill. 
  1. Badi Letten
    There are a couple of amazing river beaches – provided the sun is shining! Badi Letten, which is a short hop from the city centre, is my favourite, and it’s also the point where one river splits in tow [the Limmat and the Sihl]. 
  1. The Old Town
    I love walking through the Old Town, starting from Central station and on into the tiny alleys filled with little stores. Don’t forget to pass by the 12th-century Grossmünster, an iconic-twin-towered cathedral, and follow the bridge over to the Fraumünster church, which has the largest clock in Europe. 
  1. Bay of Lake Zürich
    When you reach the Opera House, take a detour along the bay of Lake Zürich to admire the Alps from a different angle before heading back into town along, the city’s famous shopping street. On your right, you’ll see the Swiss National Bank building. Keep going until you reach Paradeplatz: the heart of the Swiss banking industry, it’s where Credit Suisse and UBS have their headquarters – and where the Sprüngli chocolatier, who makes Lindt, is based too. 
  1. Restaurant zum Kropf
    With regards to proper food, I would recommend Restaurant zum Kropf, which serves traditional Swiss dishes in a grand setting just off Bahnhofstrasse. En Guete!



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