Retreat into romance with jet charter by Victor


Victor is known for doing things its own way, and Valentine’s Day is no different.
This year, Victor has teamed up with Natural World Safaris: forget the travel-by-numbers traditional hotspots and choose between two of the most romantically remote destinations on earth.

Feel the magic of Madagascar


An epic adventure to remember forever

Explore a jungle paradise together in your own private jet. This 14-day trip offers an a la carte menu of extreme adventure with only each other to rely on: scale the Tsaranoro Massif; kayak the Masoala Peninsula; climb Marojejy, Madagascar’s Jurassic Park; kite-surf Three Emerald Bay; quad-bike coast-to-coast; visit the Avenue of Baobabs; and hike the spectacular mineral forest of Tsingy Bemaraha before ending your journey in castaway bliss, snorkelling in the mitsio archipelago at Tsarabanjina.
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With only each other to rely on as you explore nature at its most extreme, you’ll feel like Adam and Eve in Eden (temptation guaranteed).

Lemur and waterfall_MadagasgarImage left courtesy of Shannon Wild, images top & bottom right courtesy of Masoala Forest Lodge

Go wild in Alaska


Take your relationship to the edge 

Stay at the Ultima Thule Lodge in Alaska: 100 miles from the nearest road, only private jets can reach it. In a location best described as beyond beautiful, where it feels like you have the whole world to yourself, it’s ideal as a base from which to explore the Wrangell St Elias National Park by light aircraft. Enjoy dinner on the largest non-polar glacier in the world; fish for salmon alongside grizzly bears; and hike through the wilderness watching for wildlife.
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Battle the elements and keep each other warm on the edge of the world (the perfect place to start a family).


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