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As I mentioned in my very first Victor blog post, history tells us that great technology and media companies have been laid low by rapid technological change, while exciting new brands and services are born to take their place. All the while, the customer continues to be ascendant – they want what they want, when they want it.

This dynamic is especially so in the luxury sector where Victor lives. Customers are demanding – as they should be, and it’s vital that we listen carefully to them. We have been listening and, as a result, I am happy to announce that today we launch Alto™. Alto, exclusively by Victor, is the world’s first frequent-flier points program for private jet charter. Its creation and formulation has been driven entirely by the desires of our customers, and we couldn’t be more excited by this.

Our job is to provide customers with an exceptional experience when they book and fly privately. When we do this, we find that they return the next time they need to travel, and that they tell all of their friends about Victor as well. The ongoing success of other great luxury brands like Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton and Rolls-Royce is driven by their ability to build a deep relationship with customers. Victor’s continually evolving combination of high-tech platform and high-touch service, seeks to learn from these successes.

With Alto, we take our next major step. A step away from the crowd and towards our customers….

Alto is designed to deliver a unique, highly-rewarding experience for Victor customers. As of today, we offer a transparent, stress-free, highly-accessible marketplace where travellers will earn points for every flight they book. Initially, points are redeemable for discounts on future flights. Later this year, we will introduce more benefits for flying with Victor – this, as Alto takes off with benefits from other great brands and services.

Alto provides another compelling reason to travel with Victor. It also allows our team the opportunity to draw closer to our customers and, in turn, develop superior services.

The impact of Alto on the wider private charter world cannot be underestimated either. I am confident that Victor is (once again) leading the way to a future where private charter customers have increasing choice and service offers. Delivering a more bespoke service for customers at scale is great for fliers and great for our industry as a whole.

We’re proud to introduce Alto to the world today. With it, Victor is making a huge investment to raise the bar for our customers and challenge our industry to deliver more. We’re going beyond just rewarding future flights; at launch, we’re also pre-loading more than $800,000 worth of points for our most loyal customers.

Alto is an important milestone, as we look to give customers more reasons to love us and look to establish Victor as the global leader in private charter. I hope to see you on board soon.


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