Victor Collects Latest Tech Track 100 Award

The team blogged a few weeks back to confirm Victor’s fourth consecutive year in the Hiscox Sunday Times Tech Track 100. I’d like to personally follow-up on that after an amazing dinner last night to officially collect our award.

The Tech Track 100 is a powerful barometer of the UK’s most dynamic private tech companies and I am again humbled to be joining incredible company in making up this year’s league table – fashion trailblazers like Farfetch, fin-tech powerhouses such as Zopa and Funding Circle, and automation gurus Thoughtonomy. Our continuing success is down to many things – robust financial performance, a great team of people, ongoing support from all corners of our exciting industry and relentless focus around a vision for private aviation that is, now, starting to come good.

Our vision is one of digital transformation. Not as a broker – though Victor is proven here, having digitised key parts of the customer journey and ensured various ‘back office’ efficiencies, all for the benefit of our amazing fliers and partner operators – but as an ‘eco-system’ (or platform) that will enable a greater range of services across the entire industry, greater industry-wide efficiencies and the smarter application of resources to drive all this change.

Change also means upholding and developing our responsibilities around environmental, social and governance. Having successfully launched our carbon reduction scheme across Europe this year with Air BP and BP Target Neutral we are well positioned to do more in 2019. Beyond setting a great example to our customers, service providers and other business partners, we want to help the private aviation industry get ahead of the curve in terms of meeting important upcoming deadlines around reducing our sector’s environmental impact.

As always, there is much for Victor to look forward to in the months ahead. We can’t wait for 2019 and the opportunities that it will bring.

Clive Jackson
Founder & CEO, Victor/Alyssum Group

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