Fly with Purpose: Victor Launches Climate Action Strategy

At Victor we are not content with becoming one of Europe’s fastest growing private jet charter companies. We have been working hard over the past 12 months to address the challenge of how flying can fit in a low-carbon future.

Last year we introduced a Carbon Offset Scheme which saw 25% of our bookings flying carbon neutral. It was a start but not nearly enough.
Today, Victor CEO and Founder Clive Jackson outlines our vision of a sustainable future for private aviation in an open letter in the FT.

Recognising Victor’s influential position as a leader in the market, we are taking a bold step in highlighting the uncomfortable truth surrounding the environmental impact of private jets and confronting the issue head-on. We want to create an immediate call to action and establish a sustainability benchmark for the $26.1 billion jet charter industry.

Our Climate Action Strategy is a three-pronged approach as summarised below:

Double Carbon Offsetting: From 1st July, we commit to double offset the emissions of every flight booked with us, with no cap on what you can choose to top up beyond this minimum.

Reducing Fuel Burn: We are working with our sister company RocketRoute, award-winning flight planning provider, utilising smart technology to identify fuel burn inefficiencies created by sub-optimal route planning.

Supporting Sustainable Alternative Fuels: In partnership with the world’s largest producer of sustainable renewable fuels, Neste, we are on a long-term mission to promote awareness and ultimately drive adoption of waste-to-fuel solutions within the private aviation industry.

We are delighted to have the support of the European Business Aviation Association, the organisational body that covers not only private jets, but the wider commercial market, as we strive to inspire our customers, competitors, commercial airlines and other businesses, both within and beyond our industry to follow suit and take immediate action.

Watch Clive Jackson launch our Climate Action Strategy on Sky News:

For further information, please contact or your personal account manager.

If you would like to help us spread the call to action, please join the conservation on Twitter or LinkedIn #beyondoffset #flywithpurpose

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