A New Decade of Optimism with Victor’s CEO

As a new year begins, we reflect on our 2019 journey and I am immensely proud of the Victor team for all we’ve achieved. July 2019 marked a significant milestone on that journey as we introduced a new USP: 200% carbon offsetting on every flight at no extra cost to the customer, as part of the Victor Climate Action Campaign to deliver a more sustainable future for aviation.

In a year which saw the private aviation sector down by up to 3.2% in Europe according to WINGX, Victor continued to grow, outpacing the industry. Testament to that, we’ve been listed as one of Europe’s fastest growing businesses in the FT1000 for the second year running and as one of Britain’s top 100 fastest growing tech companies in the Hiscox Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for our fifth consecutive year.

As we start our 8th year of flight operations, we still stand true to the defining USP we established in 2011: transparency. We are, to this day, the only private aircraft broker to provide transparent charter quotes to consumers, to which I attribute much of our success. Hard work, dedication and a desire to deliver the best service possible for our customers, as we continue to revolutionise the industry, sees us ending 2019 as true ‘Victors’.

 At Victor, we are bringing transparency to carbon offsetting, so we track and report on every dollar invested in reducing or removing carbon from the environment. There’s no simple solution to the complex issue of aviation emissions and we are not interested in quick fixes; rather careful analysis, deep understanding and greater awareness of carbon offsetting and sustainable aviation fuels.

We are already starting to influence other influencers and becoming a catalyst for change in climate action. In our first month, we offset more than 4,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to protecting tree cover almost twice the size of New York’s Central Park; and at the end of this year we’ve offset more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2.

Privilege comes with responsibility and I am truly grateful to those frequent fliers who recognise we all have the opportunity to step up and do something positive and measurable by matching Victor’s contribution and committing to fly at 400% offset or more. By the end of 2019, we’ve inspired 9% of our customers to contribute to offset their actual carbon emissions when flying with Victor. Our goal for July 2020 is to have 20% of all Victor fliers offsetting at 400%. I am very happy to see two major airlines (easyJet & Qantas) have followed suit to implement similar climate action initiatives. Bravo!

We recognise our influential position as Europe’s fastest growing private aviation company and wish to use that to bring others with us on the journey to a more environmentally responsible future, customers, operators and our competitors alike. Together we can be an empowering force in driving positive change.

I would like to thank our network of charter operators and strategic brand partners, the Victor team and of course our customers. Without their support and for believing in a better way to fly private, our success would not be possible.

As I look to 2020, I’m excited to continue our journey to reach profitability within the coming year. We have built a brand that has stayed true to transparency by putting its customers and service first and hopefully inspired others to follow our initiative to drive positive environmental change within and beyond our sector.

In January we will be releasing our 7th Victor Magazine, which also contains an important interview with Idris and Sabrina Elba, who have got behind #BeyondOffset agreeing to step up as frequent international travellers and publicly commit to offset their own carbon footprint by 400%.

Wishing you all a successful 2020.


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