Pets on Jets: Fly Furs Class

Dog owners are often torn between wanting to holiday with their huggable hounds, and not wanting to put them through the ordeal of travelling. Thankfully, this isn’t a dilemma facing Victor members – here’s a step-by-step guide to the travel experience enjoyed by the pampered pooches in Victor’s ‘Furs Class’.

Preparing your pet

Before you travel on an aircraft with your pet, there are a few things you’ll need to ensure:
1) A pet passport is mandatory, documenting that your dog’s routine health checks are up-to-date.
2) Your dog will need identification bearing the date of their microchip.
3) You must confirm that your dog received a rabies vaccination three weeks prior to the flight.
4) Your dog will have had to receive tapeworm treatment two to five days prior to the flight.
5) Always check for latest information at:

Booking your flight

With Victor, booking your flight couldn’t be simpler – with many of our operators authorised to carry your four-legged friends. Pet-approved airports in the UK include: Biggin Hill, Farnborough, Stansted, Oxford, Cambridge, Gatwick, Heathrow, Bristol, Manchester, Blackpool, Leeds Bradford, Doncaster, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

As part of the Victor Pet Owner’s community, in addition to chartering your own private jet, you’ll be able to liaise with other members in order to share pet-friendly flights. In contrast, if you flew commercial you’d have to face laborious airline searches to find one that carries pets, then go through licensed pet travel agents, fill out countless forms, and pay additional fees on top of the dog’s fare. Worst of all, your dog would probably have to fly in a crate in the luggage hold. It’s a whole different story with Victor, but don’t just take our word for it…

Ask an owner

“When booking private through Victor, my dog Roo could fly with me in the cabin, for around the same price as commercial,” says Victor member Katinka Nicou. “We instantly became part of a like-minded pet-friendly community; the approach was completely different to commercial airlines. I simply needed to provide a scan of our passports and make a quick online payment. That was it. I booked immediately.”

Pet on board

The experience of flying a pet private, rather than commercial, is beyond comparison; as Katinka and Roo discovered on their flight to Majorca. “We arrived at Biggin Hill Airport around 30 minutes before departure. While our passports were verified, I took Roo for a final stroll outside. On board, I was offered a cup of coffee and a newspaper, and Roo enjoyed a sip of water and a treat. The crew went to great lengths to make us both feel welcome and comfortable. On arrival, we exited though Palma Airport with similar ease and, within a few hours from taking off in the UK, we reached the olive grove that was our home together for the next month.”

If you’d like to treat your dog to a dream holiday, you can find out more about Furs Class here. You can also read more about Roo’s heart-warming ‘rags to riches’ tale in the forthcoming issue of the Victor magazine, with a sneak preview in this weekend’s Financial Times.

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