Five Facts About Private Jet Airport Protocol

Procedures at airports can be confusing and intimidating. Thankfully, when you charter a private jet, there’s only a fraction of the fuss associated with travelling on commercial airlines. Here, we reveal five facts about airport protocol.

1. Any place

There are many thousands more airports directly accessible to private jet charters than to those flying on international commercial airlines, enabling you to fly to an airport much closer to your final destination – whether you’re heading to your second home, yacht, ski slope, remote desert island or city centre business meeting.

These airports are often smaller, with expedited processes so, instead of traipsing through terminals and hanging around in queues, you can enjoy the purpose of your journey. When you fly private, the choice of airport is entirely yours; just be sure the aircraft you charter is suitable for the runway.

2. Any time

One of the advantages of chartering a private jet is that you can set your own schedule. There’s no need to fit your business meetings or holidays around a commercial airline. You can charter an aircraft at a time that suits you, and turn up at the airport just a few minutes before take-off. As long as the airport is operating at the time you intend to arrive or depart, you can fit your journey around your day, rather than the other way round.

3. Baggage bonus

Private jet baggage restrictions vary between aircraft types and in relation to the number of passengers on board, but are generally far more relaxed than commercial airlines. There is usually no overhead storage in smaller private jets, so carry-on baggage needs to be restricted to a size that you can comfortably place by your feet or on your knee. It’s also worth noting that not all baggage compartments are pressurised, so always check this, if you’re likely to be carrying items that might be affected. Another bonus of chartering a private jet is that you can usually choose what to take on board – be it a pampered pooch, or a priceless painting.

4. Hassle-free

When you charter a private jet, you’ll receive an itinerary with details of where to park your car, where to go when you arrive at the airport, and who will be meeting you – as well as all relevant operator details and contact telephone numbers. On arrival, a member of the handling crew will greet you, receive your luggage and accompany you through security clearance and the expedited check-in process. You will then be met by your aircrew who will escort you onto your aircraft. It really is that simple.

5. Stress-free

When you’re already under pressure to meet business deadlines, the last thing you need is extra pressure to meet an aircraft. If you find yourself running late for your private jet, all it takes to get your day back on track is a quick phone call to the charter operator with your revised ETA. The operator will then rearrange the aircraft’s schedule to introduce some additional flexibility. So you can take a deep breath …and relax.

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