Sun, sea, sand and spiny lobster

A month-long celebration of the food found on the British Virgin Islands, the BVI Food Fete, is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The dynamic and vast topography of the British Virgin Islands provides a unique opportunity for visitors to hop from one island to another, from restaurant to restaurant and take in the culture of one of the Caribbean’s last, unspoilt island chains.

Easily accessible by Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS), the British Virgin Islands are renowned as one of the world’s premier sailing destinations. Conveniently, the BVI uses the U.S. dollar as its official currency, despite its status as a United Kingdom territory.

Through the numerous festivities held during November, the Fete introduces guests to a variety of unique culinary experiences, filled with discovery and adventure along the islands’ turquoise shores and beaches.

Walk barefoot along an illuminated path of powder-white sand into the chic waterside setting of Deadman’s Bay for an evening of fine dining at the Barefoot Gourmet Soirée. Held on the 14th November, you can enjoy an immersive experience as seven chefs prepare their signature dishes along the luxurious shoreside.

Tackling the Spiny Lobster

Larger and sweeter than the more common American and European lobsters, Spiny Lobster is one of the British Virgin Islands’ most prized delicacies. Caught throughout the summer months, these claw-less beasties can be found served up with rum, chilli and jerk seasoning in the islands’ many bars or grilled right on the beach or quayside from which they are caught.

For true lobster connoisseurs, a visit to the Anegada Lobster Festival is a must. Held on the 28th and 29th of November, this two-day culinary event on the shores of Anegada Island sees talented local chefs, from eleven participating restaurants, prepare, cook and serve lobster dishes for you to sample. As well as offering spectacular scenery, sunset parties and breath-taking beaches, visitors will be able to sample the Spiny Lobster in all its glory, as each chef and restaurant strive to put their own spin on the islands’ most iconic ingredient.

Victor’s Picks: British Virgin Islands

1. Guana Island

Image courtesy of Condé Nast Traveler


An unspoilt, laid-back island that appears untouched by the modern world, Guana Island boasts seven golden sand beaches, tropical forests and warm seas.

Although most of the island is kept as a nature reserve, there is also a small yet well-appointed resort overlooking one of Guana’s white sand beaches. For those looking for the complete desert island paradise experience, the entire island can be booked for a very private escape.

2. Falcon’s Nest – Peter Island

Image courtesy of Peter Island Resort & Spa


Perched high atop Peter Island’s most picturesque cliffs, the Falcon’s Nest is a Barcelona-style villa estate consisting of three separate residences with six spacious suites. This crown jewel of luxury private villas features a private gym, a torchlit grotto with a seven-foot waterfall and a private infinity pool, the hotel also has its own no-fly zone to ensure that you can relax without the interruption of low flying jets.

Overlooking White Bay Beach and offering views of Norman Island and distant St. John, its isolated mountain-top location is perfect for those looking to get away from it all.Conveniently, the bars, shops and restaurants of Road Town and Tortola are still only a short boat ride away.

3. Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Image courtesy of Rosewood Hotels


Located right on the beach, Rosewood Little Dix Bay has the feeling of a picture postcard of a Caribbean desert island.

The grounds are beautiful; golden sands, swaying palm trees and the beautiful, clear blue Atlantic. For the best experience, be sure to book one of the resort’s iconic beachfront cottages.

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