Introducing the Legacy 500

Witness the stunning Legacy 500, the latest offering from Brazilian manufacturer Embraer

This super-midsize jet was a clean sheet design developed introduction with its slightly smaller sister the Legacy 450. With space for up to 12 passengers on board, but with a standard configuration of 9, this game-changing aircraft will be competing with the well-established Bombardier Challenger 300/350.

Fully fly-by-wire with the latest avionics the Legacy 500 is the faster aircraft in its class with a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.82. With a range of just over 3,000 nautical miles it can fly US coast-to-coast, London – Moscow and Dubai-Berlin. Its flat floor cabin and large cross section make it an incredibly spacious aircraft. There is a fully enclosed washroom, wet galley, 4 fully flat beds in a sleeping configuration and 110 cubic feet of luggage space.

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