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This year’s hotlist of our most-booked aircraft is emblematic of the fast-growing on-demand economy and the part Victor is playing in it: with light jets allowing flyers to enjoy an impromptu weekend on the slopes or a one-day city visit (and still get back in time for dinner), the Citation Mustang is a model that’s resonating with members. At the same time, the popularity of ultra long range jets like the Global 6000 shows that savvy intercontinental business travellers are increasingly choosing to fly private to avoid the hassle of commercial airports and manage their time more efficiently.

With 7,000+ jets from very light to head of state at your disposal, Victor can always find the right aircraft for your trip – check out the full list of our most in-demand aircraft below and request a quote today.

Top Very Light Jet


Flexible and cost-effective, the Mustang is ideal if you’re making a short trip and have a tight schedule. With its impressive runway performance this aircraft can take you to hard to reach locations such as La Môle airport, right next to Saint-Tropez.

citation mustang

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Top Light Jet


Spacious and cost effective, with more room and luggage space, the Phenom 300 is just right for short to medium trips for up to 8 passengers.


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Top Midsize Jet


The Citation X is one of the fastest private jets out there and can save you up to 30 minutes on your flight time, making it the ultimate jet if you need to make a long range trip on a tight schedule.


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Top Heavy Jet


With 13 seats, the Legacy 600 is the top choice for larger groups and longer journeys. With one of the largest luggage spaces, the Legacy 600 offers ample space for those looking to relocate for the Winter.


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Top Ultra Long Range

Global 6000

An impressive aircraft with the ability to transport up to 15 passengers (and their luggage) 6,000 nm across the globe in one hop. The Global 6000 is the perfect choice for city pairings like Nice to Hong Kong and London to LA.


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