Why The Sohn Investment Conference should be in your diary

The Sohn Conference on May 6 has one aim, and that’s to help raise funds to support the quest to eradicate childhood cancer. This ‘Superbowl’ of investment conferences is your opportunity to help with this most important work. So, why should you be there?:

    • The Sohn Conference brings together some of the smartest and most successful investors from Wall Street, so you can get together and discuss ways to help


    • All of the speakers are successful investors, and so it’s worth listening to what they have to say


    • You will be contributing to the fight to end childhood cancer


    • It’s based at The Lincoln Center, so it’s really easy to get to from a range of different airports in the New York area


  • You’ll be learning some of the secrets of the success of the city’s top investors and understanding how their minds work.

Sohn ConfereneImages courtesy of Sohn Conference and Fortune

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