An Open Letter on Sustainability


At Victor, we are not content with becoming one of the fastest growing private jet charter companies on the planet. We want to define a sustainable future for private aviation.

As Chairman, my first step is to acknowledge a private jet produces up to 20 times more carbon emissions per passenger mile than a commercial airliner. It’s an eye-watering statistic few dare to admit. Last year, we introduced a carbon offset scheme where 25% of flights booked with Victor flew carbon neutral. It was a start but not nearly enough.

We now guarantee to offset carbon emissions on every Victor booked flight by no less than 200%. So every time you fly Victor, the net effect goes beyond carbon neutral. We’ve mandated it, and Victor will pay for it, setting a new benchmark for the private aviation industry.

Of course, we want you to do more, and there’s no limit to the amount you can offset. By adding just 0.3% to the cost of your charter, you can offset 400% of your emissions. For those making this commitment, it’s a small contribution, acknowledging that the privilege of flying private comes with responsibility.

Offsetting is just part of our climate action solution. We are working with RocketRoute to harness their advanced flight planning algorithms, to calculate and reduce fuel burn and in turn reduce carbon emissions. We are also partnering with Neste, the world’s largest producer of sustainable renewable fuels, leading environmental scientists and the European Business Aviation Association, to promote awareness and ultimately drive adoption of waste-to-fuel solutions and electrification.

Victor has the opportunity to influence other business leaders to support our movement, because they fly private, and to inspire them to adopt a similar initiative and go #beyondoffset with their own business. For further information, please visit or if you’d like to reach out to me personally, please connect via LinkedIn.

It’s a bold statement for me to say you don’t always have to fly private, but if you do, then become a member today and #Flywithpurpose #Flyvictor #Beyondoffset

Clive Jackson
Chairman and Founder

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