Can Aviation Answer The Call For A Lower Carbon Future?

With industries beginning to re-start and carefully pressing on the accelerator, the time is now to consider how we #BuildBackBetter.

COVID-19 has turned the aviation industry upside down and whilst private jet charter has been to quick to bounce back, there’s still plenty at stake. It’s not only our freedom of global mobility to consider, but the economy too – 65 million jobs are dependent on aviation, and an even greater 300 million in travel and tourism.

As we contemplate the future of aviation, we explore how to reconcile combating emissions with getting people back to work. Is sustainability still a key issue, and should it be?

As part of our mission to define a sustainable future for business aviation, Victor Founder Clive Jackson was invited by Corporate Jet Investor Global 2020 to host a panel discussion.

Bringing in a breadth of perspectives, we speak to an environmental lobbyist, carbon strategist, advisor to the government and business aviation industry expert for a 360° view on the challenge. These experts set out the steps that individuals, businesses, industry bodies and governments can take to build a lower carbon future for aviation.

Thank you to our panelists:


From left to right; 

  • Andrew Murphy, Transport & Environment
  • Robert Baltus, European Business Aviation Association
  • Clive Jackson, Victor
  • Nancy Bsales, AeroCarbon Fund
  • Richard Taylor, Committee on Climate Change

Watch the panel on YouTube.

Part one: What is the current state of the aviation industry?
Part two: Economy versus the environment. Is it a binary choice?
Part three: Are we ready for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)?
Part four: What is governments’ role to play?
Part five: How do we ensure real impact over sentiment?

Victor is on a mission to become the world’s most environmentally responsible jet charter company. Learn more about our award-winning climate action initiatives.

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