Reflecting on 2020

As we stride out into 2021, we reflect on 2020 – a year like no other. The year that the unknown infiltrated around us and the world came to a halt to deal with a single crisis, which continues to affect us all. We extend our warmest wishes to everyone who has been impacted.

Despite the challenges, we will remember 2020 for the importance of community as a shining light for optimism and a source for collective strength. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for being part of the Victor community, our operators and our partners for the continued support of our mission to deliver a better way to fly.

A snapshot of the year at Victor:


Despite the trials and tribulations of the year, it’s presented a period of turbocharged innovation and resilience. In every challenge there’s a new opportunity to adapt, learn and improve, and at Victor we haven’t stood still.

In January, our 7th issue of Victor Magazine landed featuring stories from the extraordinary world of jet charter.

March saw Victor Rescue catapulted into action in response to the outbreak of the pandemic – a 24/7 emergency and mission-critical service which served repatriation flights, transportation of large workforces, medical evacuation, and government and state missions across the globe.

Summer brought us hope on our journey to a more sustainable future for private aviation, heralding one year of #BeyondOffset and our first full year as the world’s first carbon negative aviation company.

And throughout the year, unrivalled service transparency remained our priority. We launched the industry’s first Client Preferred Operator Program to enable you to draw on other clients’ experiences and make a more informed choice when you charter.

We look forward to sharing our 2021 plans with you in due course as we enter the new year with new ambitions and renewed hope.

We wish you a successful, healthy, and prosperous start to 2021.

The Victor Team


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