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Bringing Sustainable Aviation Fuel to private jet charter 

At Victor, we’re continuously looking for new ways to minimise our carbon emissions and help our members to fly smarter. That’s why we’re proud to partner with AirGO – a boutique airline that’s committed to reducing its impact on the planet. This innovative new partnership means that our customers can now choose to invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) while neutralising their CO2 emissions.  

In an industry first, we’ve introduced an ‘opt-out’ SAF feature into our standard pricing structure. It applies to all AirGO flights booked via our marketplace, which have SAF included in the total cost of the charter. When we provide your quote, we’ll also show you how AirGO’s fuel-efficient Piaggio Avanti compares with more carbon-intensive aircraft options.  

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel? 

SAF is created from sustainable feedstocks, which include used cooking oil, commercial waste and CO2 from non-fossil sources. Unlike traditional jet fuel, it can be produced infinitely without harming the environment. It also has the potential to cut CO2 life-cycle emissions by 80% when compared to fossil jet fuel.  
Known as a “drop-in” fuel, SAF is currently blended with traditional jet fuel before use. Once mixed, the resulting fuel is safe for use in jet engines without any need for technical adaptation. Since the wide-scale uptake of green technologies, such as hydrogen propulsion, is unlikely to happen in the next two decades, SAF offers the best solution for reducing aviation emissions now. 

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How our ‘opt-out’ SAF programme works

Investing in SAF is the quickest and easiest way to reduce the lifecycle carbon emissions of your flight. This programme uses AirGO’s SAF Book & Claim model – developed in partnership with CO2 offsetting specialist Compensaid and Lufthansa.  

When you invest in SAF at the booking stage, you don’t use the renewable energy directly. Instead, the equivalent amount of the renewable fuel is fed into the system, bought by Lufthansa and used for one of their commercial flights. The SAF replaces traditional jet fuel, resulting in the same reduction of CO2 as though your private jet had been fuelled by SAF. Of course, if you don’t wish to contribute to the programme, you can opt out by letting us know.  

Benefits of the ‘Book & Claim’ model 

Despite booming interest in SAF, the fuel is still difficult to access. If private aircraft operators want to fuel their jets with SAF, they can’t do it at just any airport. Likewise, commercial airlines can only refuel with SAF at selected airports. This is due to the lack of necessary infrastructure at airports and the associated costs. 

The ‘Book & Claim’ model offers an effective solution to these issues. When you purchase SAF as part of your Victor booking, another aircraft (located at an SAF-enabled airport) is refuelled. So, by supporting the programme, you’ll help to neutralise your carbon emissions and support the expansion of this innovative renewable fuel.  

In order to compete with traditional jet fuel, the SAF industry requires greater commercial investment and consumer demand. If more passengers opt for it, production is likely to scale up faster and the fuel will become easier to access.  

At Victor, we want to make flying sustainably as simple and transparent as possible, and our partnership with AirGO is another step towards these goals. 

The future of flying is here. It’s time to get involved. 

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