The true value of transparency

Transparency is a particularly rare commodity in the private aviation sector

The luxury aviation industry is an exclusive and enigmatic world, that can often feel as if it is shrouded in a veil of secrecy and mystique. With that being said, the industry is also experiencing an enormous amount of interest, with everyone from teenage jet trackers on Twitter to giant global news corporations questioning the practicalities of a traditionally elusive and conservative sector.  

For some reason, the private aviation industry has lagged far behind the rest of the luxury market in terms of transparency. The idea of booking a hotel or chartering a yacht without knowing what the interior looks like would be considered absurd, however, in the private jet charter market, this is a common occurrence. At the very top of the luxury market, there should be absolutely no room for unpleasant or unwanted surprises, and that is why we believe clients deserve, at the very least, to be in control of the service that is being provided to them. 

For this very reason, transparency is regarded as one of the unwavering pillars of our business practice. It is also what 77% of our customers said was the thing they valued most about our service. Other private jet brokers are not always forthcoming when it comes to important information such as which aircraft operator will be trusted to deliver your flight and the tail number which identifies the specific aircraft that they are offering. Keeping you, the customer, completely out of the loop. 

At Victor, we prefer to go the extra mile by offering you detailed insights about the operator and the exact aircraft you’ll be flying with, alongside the estimated fuel burn for your trip.   

We also credibly offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel for every booking, regardless of operator or departure airport. After completing a SAF purchase, Victor customers will also receive a certificate from Neste, confirming the total carbon emission reduction. 

Further to this, Victor also collates detailed client feedback from all flights, including ratings for the operator’s aircraft condition, as well as for the onboard experience. This information enables us to pass these Client Preferred Operator insights over to you, guiding you to the best-performing and most trusted operators in the market for your private jet charter. 

In this exciting and ever-evolving world, transparency is perhaps one of the most efficient antidotes for combating many of the issues currently facing the luxury market. If you would like to find out more about our transparency policy, get in touch with one of our brokers