The enduring charm of the Far East

The allure of the far east has been present for centuries, but in recent years it has become a full-blown obsession for many travellers. It seems that everyone is talking about their recent adventure to the likes of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos etc. If you are one of many who is keen to find out what all the fuss is about, we’ve collated a series of unique opportunities from our partners at EnVogue that we hope will spark some inspiration for your next adventure. 

Private Island Sanctuary in Cambodia 

Embark on a voyage along the Mekong River and delve into the ancient culture and civilization that thrives along its banks. Tracing the footsteps of the legendary King Jayavarman VII, who navigated the river in the late 12th century to establish the grand Khmer empire, your journey takes you from Cambodia to Vietnam, where you’ll unravel mysteries and stories from a bygone era while exploring the most remarkable sites of both countries. 

Commencing in Siam Reap, you’ll explore the UNESCO-listed Angkor Wat temple complex before commencing your Mekong expedition. En route, you’ll witness stunning green hills and vast rice fields, navigate the Tonle Sap UNESCO biosphere bird sanctuary, interact with the locals on the floating islands of Kompong Chhnang, and learn about the traditional craft of handcrafted krama silk scarfs on the famed Silk Island. 

As you cross the border into Vietnam, your expedition continues through breathtaking landscapes. Highlights include fishing with local fisherman on a traditional sampan boat, mastering the art of traditional mat weaving at Binh Thanh village, and hiking to the top of a sacred hill inhabited by monks. Your journey concludes in the vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. 

The Eastern & Orient Express 

Indulge in a classic Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel before embarking on the legendary Eastern and Orient Express, radiating old-world charm and sophistication as it traverses Asia. Once crossing the Malaysian border, be captivated by the stunning scenery visible from each train carriage and make stops to immerse yourself in the local culture and countryside. 

Embark on a jungle hike to spend a night in a stunning treetop villa overlooking a vast ecosystem of majestic trees, fruit orchards, and rare wildlife. Journey to Penang Island to witness the city’s disappearing arts and historical landmarks. 

Upon entering Thailand, sail through the Gulf of Thailand, hopping between serene islands to explore pristine white sand beaches, snorkel, and dive amongst a kaleidoscope of marine life, and trek to the top of picturesque hills. Your final destination will be Bangkok, where you’ll disembark to experience the vibrant city scene. 

A Yacht Expedition from Papua New Guinea 

Experience the ultimate adventure by chartering a 35-meter expedition yacht in Papua New Guinea and exploring rarely-visited waters, where you’ll discover the astonishing diversity of wildlife and ecosystems of this stunning destination. 

Your personalized itinerary includes hiking through tropical jungles and encountering rare land species, while avid divers will be awestruck by the incredible array of pelagic life, tropical fish, and colorful coral reefs beneath the surface. 

With the help of a helicopter, journey through the heart of Papua New Guinea from the Indonesian border to the Bismarck Sea, passing mountains and rainforests before landing at a secluded waterfall for a chef-prepared lunch. 

Meet indigenous tribal communities such as the Asaro Mudmen, renowned for their elaborate clay headpieces, and the Huli Wigmen, who will share traditional songs and dances with you. Combining the serene nature of a yacht charter with the excitement and adrenaline of an otherworldly destination, Papua New Guinea promises an unparalleled experience. 

Hang Out with Orangutans in Borneo 

Embark on an unforgettable adventure starting in the wildlife-rich ecosystem of Sepilok, where you’ll visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and witness the rehabilitation process of young orangutans rescued from poaching and deforestation. 

Continuing inland, you’ll reach the Kinabatangan River and stay at a secluded jungle lodge surrounded by a fascinating ecosystem. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter rare wildlife species by foot and by boat, such as proboscis monkeys swinging in the treetops and pygmy elephants making their way to the riverbank. 

Journey further into the Danum Valley and search for wild orangutans as you trek through the remote jungle. These precious creatures can often be found hanging out in the canopy above you. 

Emerging from the jungle, the rest of your journey will be spent relaxing on deserted beaches and exploring tropical islands, with ample opportunities for snorkelling and diving alongside pelagic life. 

Journey Along the Mekong River 

Discover an ancient culture and civilisation as you travel along the Mekong River from Cambodia to Vietnam following in the footsteps of the legendary King Jayavarman VII, who sailed the Mekong in the late 12th century to build the grand Khmer empire. Uncover mysteries and stories from a past era whilst exploring Cambodia and Vietnam’s most remarkable sites. 

Your journey begins in Siam Reap where you will explore the iconic UNESCO Angkor Wat temple complex before setting sail on the Mekong to journey through a landscape of striking green hills and sprawling rice fields. You’ll travel through the Tonle Sap UNESCO biosphere bird sanctuary, meet with locals who live on the floating islands of Kompong Chhnang and visit the famed Silk Island to learn how artisans handcraft traditional krama silk scarfs. 

Crossing the border into Vietnam, your journey continues through astounding scenery with highlights including fishing alongside local fisherman on a traditional sampan boat, learning the intricate art of traditional mat weaving at Binh Thanh village and hiking to the top of a sacred hill where monks reside. Your journey comes to an end in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. 

For more information about flying to the Far East, or about the partnerships we have on offer, feel free to contact one of our team