Royal Travel Inspiration

Amidst the backdrop of King Charles III’s official Coronation, our dedicated travel and partnerships team felt it a pertinent time to suggest some trending travel destinations that are, quite literally, fit for a King. For our UK members, might we even suggest making the most of the bank holiday, graciously and generously granted by the King, by travelling via private jet to one of the locations highlighted below? 

King Charles is known for being an avid Aviator. The new monarch of the United Kingdom actually took his first flight as King from Aberdeen to London onboard an Embraer private jet. While the idea of replicating the King’s exact holiday habits might be appealing to some, we understand that would be a slightly ambitious plan. Therefore, we have decided to put a ‘Victor-spin’ on some of King Charles III’s preferred destinations. 

As always, if you are inspired by any of the suggestions in this article, feel free to reach out to one of our team for a transparent quote. 

Carpathian Mountains, Romania 

Few are aware that Romania is one of the King’s most visited countries in Continental Europe. Amidst the rolling hills and ancient forests of this idyllic region, you can immerse yourself in a world of serene tranquility and awe-inspiring vistas. It’s clear to see why this region would be so appealing to one with a schedule as demanding as the King. 

Mallorca, Spain 

In his younger years, The King made regular visits to the Island of Mallorca with his family to enjoy the incredible weather and cuisine. His Royal Highness has also been known to enjoy yachting and has spent time spectating the Copa del Rey regatta, he has also sailed himself to the island of Cabrera. 

St Moritz, Switzerland 

According to reports in multiple British newspapers, King Charles III actually deviated from a 45-year custom of skiing in Switzerland, because of the arrangements for his coronation in May. Klosters was a royal family favourite, however, for the summer months we recommend St Moritz. Although the infamous Cresta Run might not be in full operation if visiting in the summer, there are a whole host of alternative activities to enjoy in St Moritz. The town features some epic biking and hiking trails as well as a number of music festivals. 

Corfu, Greece 

In 2018, Charles celebrated the close relationship between the UK and Greece by stating that: “We are all Greeks. Greece is in my blood, and I have long had a fascination for her ancient culture and history.” With our Alto partners, StayOne, you can book an incredibly unique Island villa set across four-acres of land, amid 150 olive trees, with a sparkling infinity pool. 

London, England 

Through our Alto partnership programme, you can earn and spend points whenever you stay at The Mandarin Oriental, The Langham, or Corinthia. This weekend London will be buzzing with excitement, so if you are looking for a last-minute stay for the Coronation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Did you Know? 

  • The coronation chair was made in 1300 
  • The UK is, according to the Royal Family website, is the only European country that still uses regalia – the symbols of royalty like the crown, orb and sceptres – in coronations. 
  • The King will wear the St Edward’s Crown only one time in his life. 
  • The crown is named after a much earlier version made for the Anglo-Saxon king and saint, Edward the Confessor, and said to have been used at coronations after 1220 until Cromwell had it melted down. 
  • The crown was made for King Charles II, who wanted a crown similar to the one worn by Edward but even grander. 
  • An ancient figure from British folklore symbolic of spring and rebirth known as the ‘Green Man’ is the inspiration behind the design of the King’s coronation invitation. 
  • King Charles trained as an aviator and flew planes for the RAF and a helicopter for the Royal Navy in the 1970s.