Book the ultimate Jet-to-Yacht escape with Victor X Fraser

Victor Alto partner Fraser Yachts are currently enjoying another successful season of global yacht charters. Market activity is snowballing into what is looking like an exciting forecast for the next few years ahead, with the IMARC Group expecting the yacht charter market to reach US$ 12.9 Billion by 2028. To add further excitement to last years burgeoning yacht charter market, Fraser also recently unveiled an extensively refitted iteration of the iconic 97m Carinthia VII at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

Since offering Fraser’s yacht charter services through our Alto partner programme, Victor has also witnessed a notable rise in interest for jet-to-yacht charter experiences. We asked Elena, Head of Partnerships at Victor to explain the benefit of booking a Fraser yacht charter through her Alto programme at Victor. She commented,

“Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of arranging a trip for a couple flying between two destinations in Southern Europe. Our customer took advantage of our complimentary concierge service by also booking a 7-day yacht charter with Fraser through us. Our customer not only earned Alto points on their jet charter, but double points with their yacht booking, equal to $2,500 – which they can now use towards either their next Victor flight or Alto partner booking.”

While jet-to-yacht bookings are becoming the obvious choice for a growing number of customers, the elusive nature of the yachting industry means it can be hard to learn about the trends and nuances of the charter market unless you have front-row seats.

Victor got in touch with Fraser Senior Charter Broker, Tove Johnson, for insight into chartering during the Caribbean season:

How is the market looking and when is the best time to book your charter?

“The market is getting back to pre-Covid levels and it’s a very strong market even when you compare it to two years ago. This has led to clients booking even earlier than before, sometimes up to a year in advance so that they can make sure they can choose from the best options in our fleet. If you are interested in chartering for the Caribbean Winter season, we recommend you start looking as early as possible.”

What tips would you give to those who are new to yacht chartering in the Caribbean?

“The Christmas and New Year period is normally very busy and these dates are booked quite far in advance. In general, we cannot negotiate the rates for the holiday period, however, we can normally negotiate some for other periods in the Caribbean. There are some new laws and regulations for certain parts of the Caribbean, so it is important to get advice before deciding on your itinerary. For example, just last year the Bahamas introduced a new tax rate requiring all foreign-flagged charter yachts to pay an additional 10 per cent VAT. This was in addition to the 4 per cent charter fee that goes to the port department and meant the total cost would rise by an additional 14 per cent. The majority of the islands exercise different tax laws and regulations, so it is always worth checking in with us beforehand”.

Top Tip: Don’t forget that Victor can organise a helicopter transfer to transport you directly to your superyacht.

Which Caribbean destinations would you recommend for the forthcoming winter season?

“When it comes to experiencing the ultimate luxury of superyacht chartering during the winter season (December to April/May), St. Barths for New Year’s Eve stands out as a firm favourite”. She continues, “The picturesque bay of Gustavia which is typically adorned with anchored yachts during this time of the year, is simply stunning. Another popular time to visit the island is during the St. Barths Bucket, held in March. Additionally, Antigua Sail Week at the end of April or the beginning of May is another outstanding option for Caribbean exploration.” For those seeking a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, Tove also highlights Spring Break in the US as an ideal time to embark on a superyacht charter.

What considerations should families keep in mind for their yacht charter?

“Selecting the perfect superyacht for a family charter depends on a whole range of factors, including the age and activity level of the children, their interest in water sports, onboard amenities, and security considerations. Fraser’s brokers excel in matching clients with the most suitable yacht, ensuring an unforgettable, family-friendly experience. However, keep in mind that while the crew can provide excellent service, they are not responsible for full-time child care”.

Tove recommends 85m M/Y Bold as one of the most epic yachts available for charter for families, based on its wide array of tenders and toys. She continues, “As well as an outdoor cinema on the sundeck, the explorer yacht also includes an array of jetskis, SeaBobs diving equipment and surfing gear. Fraser’s fleet also includes a number of yachts with inflatable toys and products from giant slides to rock climbing walls and inflatable ‘BigAir’ launchers”.

Can I bring my pet?

“For clients who wish to bring their pets along, certain yachts accommodate them, though a deposit may be required to ensure the vessel is left in pristine condition. Interested clients can discuss their specific requirements with us to find the perfect family and pet-friendly charter.”

Tove advises that for access to most Caribbean islands, pet owners must proactively apply for a pet permit. The permit will be granted via email after meeting health test and certification requirements. However, she warns, “the British Virgin Islands stands as a unique exception, as it requires both a pet permit and a quick vet examination. The vet will personally meet you at the port of entry to ensure a smooth arrival for you and your pets.”

Tips for jetting in – from Victor

When it comes to your jet-to-yacht experience, both Antigua (ANU) and St Lucia (UVF) are large airports and are usually not restricted. However, for St Barths (SBH) we would recommend chartering a Pilatus PC-12, Cessna 208 Caravan, or a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter to ensure the aircraft meets the criteria of the smaller landing strips.

The partnership between Victor and Fraser Yachts has created a seamless and hassle-free jet-to-yacht charter experience. As the demand for jet-to-yacht charters continues to rise, Victor X Fraser stands as an ideal choice for those seeking a seamless and unforgettable luxury vacation. For more information or to book your ultimate jet-to-yacht holiday, contact Elena, Head of Partnerships at Victor.