De-Icing Update Ahead of the 2023/24 Winter Season

As the winter season approaches, ensuring the safety and efficiency of private jet travel becomes paramount. De-icing is a critical aspect of this preparation, safeguarding both passengers and aircraft from the harsh conditions that winter brings.  

De-icing is the process of removing ice, frost, and snow from the surfaces of an aircraft, particularly the wings, tail, and control surfaces. The build-up of ice can disrupt an aircraft’s aerodynamics and lead to safety concerns during take-off and flight. In addition, ice buildup on the aircraft can negatively impact fuel efficiency. 

When you book your private jet charter you have the option to purchase your de-icing insurance in advance. Choosing to add the de-icing insurance is the most convenient way not to incur any additional fees after you land, however, this option is only available with specific operators. As de-icing is necessary and bound to the weather conditions, it is always advisable to add insurance for your safety and your savings when possible. If you are unsure about how this works or would like further information, reach out to your dedicated Aviation Advisor or email a member of our team at

Below, we have provided you with updates from some of our client-preferred operators regarding their de-icing costs for the upcoming winter season.

Deicing of private jet before departure at airport in winter. Aircraft protection against freezing . Process of covering passenger business airliner with antifreeze liquid.


De-icing is included as a standard service, ensuring that you fly worry-free during the winter months.  


Jung Sky Ltd. offers de-icing insurance, allowing you to plan for de-icing before take-off. The pricing is as follows:  

  • Flights booked 6 days or more before departure: €200.00  
  • Flights booked between 5 days and 24 hours before departure: €300.00  
  • Flights booked between 24 hours and take-off: €500.00  

Please note that not selecting this option means that any necessary de-icing costs incurred during the trip will be billed post-flight. These costs can easily exceed €1,000.00 per de-icing procedure, depending on the airport. Jung Sky Ltd. does not offer post-flight purchase of de-icing insurance. 


For the 2023/2024 season, Globe Air offers de-icing insurance for an additional €1,000.00 per leg upon the signature of the contract. Please be aware that this option is not available for trips booked less than 24 hours in advance.  


Time Air provides de-icing insurance for their Nextant fleet at a rate of €800.00 per leg. It’s important to note that this insurance can only be arranged during booking and for flights departing in 4 days or more. The de-icing cost will be added to the proforma invoice and must be paid before the flight.  

By staying informed about these de-icing updates from our operators, you can make the necessary preparations for a safe and efficient journey during the upcoming winter season.