Flying off the beaten track with Victor’s Charlie Caddick

According to a recent YouGov poll, 31% of luxury travellers prioritise unique experiences that enable them to visit remote destinations and get close to nature. It’s not a new phenomenon by any stretch, however, it is a trend that only seems to be gaining traction amongst jet setters.

At Victor we are no stranger to finding ways to transport our clients to some of the trickier, more remote corners of the world in style and comfort. Charlie Caddick, Victor’s Head of Sales, has facilitated some remarkably complex flights over the years, from the northern reaches of the Arctic circle to the natural wonders of central Africa. Therefore, using his specialised knowledge, Charlie has put together some of his tips and recommendations for three extraordinary adventures to Antarctica, Namibia, and Madagascar.

Charlie Caddick, Head of Sales at Victor

It goes without saying that travelling to remote destinations calls for an added level of care and responsibility for the environment. That’s why we recommend purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel in order to reduce your carbon emissions by up to 80% when flying privately for these journeys. Victor members are able to purchase Neste MY SAF™ at check out, making Victor the first and only on-demand private jet charter provider to offer SAF for every booking, regardless of operator or departure airport.

Antarctica South Pole Expedition

Charlie writes;

If you are flying to Antarctica from anywhere in Europe, I’d recommend flying straight down to Cape Town International Airport in South Africa for your first leg. That way you can enjoy a more luxurious flight and get as close as you can to Antarctica before getting on your 2nd leg – which is going to be a bit more ‘adventurous’ to say the least. Your second leg involves taking a five hour flight from Cape Town to the Antarctica Ice Runway which is close to the McMurdo Research station.

A journey from Europe to Cape Town will require an ultra long range aircraft. An example of this would be the Gulfstream G650, providing ample cabin space for 5-6 passengers to move around and relax in comfort. There is even a night time configuration with beds for sleeping. Additionally, low cabin noise, low cabin altitude, and 100% fresh air in the cabin ensures that you will arrive at your destination in comfort. For an aircraft that provides the necessary range to complete this flight, the Gulfstream G650 stands alongside a select few other aircraft at the top of the market for executive private jets offering a luxury experience.

Your next flight out of Cape Town will most likely be on a utility aircraft such as a Basler BT-67 which is suited to land on the ice runway. This aircraft is built for purpose and durability, not necessarily comfort and luxury, which is why it is all the more important to make sure your first leg is as comfortable and seamless as possible.

Natural World Safaris offer an incredible package which allows travellers to embark on an adventure beginning at the Akta Bay Emperor Penguin colony. You can also spend a night under the polar sky at an expedition camp nestled in the stunning High Polar Plateau or explore Antarctica’s wilderness, trekking through ice tunnels, hiking to 200ft cliffs to witness magnificent ice waves, all guided by experts. You can even stand at the South Pole, joining a select few who have been able to reach this destination.

Photographic expeditions in Namibia

Charlie writes;

Namibia boasts an incredible natural landscape that includes the oldest desert in the world and the second oldest canyon in the world. If you are visiting the country I would recommend a direct flight into Hosea Kutako International Airport – the main international airport of Namibia, which serves the capital city, Windhoek. It is located 45 km east of the city centre and is Namibia’s largest airport with international connections.

When visiting an environmentally diverse destination such as Namibia, notoriously popular for photography and film shoots, it’s usually better to opt for a larger aircraft with ample secure luggage space. The Global 6000 is an aircraft that is a perfect fit for this trip. As an ultra long-range aircraft, the Global 6000 will comfortably fly 10 passengers to Southern Africa from anywhere in Europe.

Importantly, a small group of photographers or film makers will have enough capacity to accommodate 22 cases. The Global 6000 has plenty of luggage space to take the film and photography equipment as well as the passenger’s personal belongings. With a typically lower price point than the Gulfstream G650, the Global 600 still offers a luxurious experience while remaining at the top of the private jet market.

Natural World Safaris offer a specialist lead photographic safari in Namibia that has been designed with the focus on flying up the Skeleton Coast in small aircraft. The aircraft have been specially adapted for this expedition to enable you to photograph the area in ways few others have.This adventure into Namibia’s most spectacular wilderness, will afford you breathtaking bird’s-eye views of shipwrecks, coastal landscapes and ever changing geological formations, often the last refuge of many desert adapted species.

Luxury Safari in Madagascar 

Charlie writes;

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, more than 157,000 tourists visited the Madagascar in the first nine months of 2023 alone. It is also a great destination for active families who want to get out and explore.

For this trip I would recommend flying into Ivato International Airport in Madagascar before chartering a helicopter down to the Southern tip of the island where there are some luxury camps and resorts. Your helicopter could land in Aéroport de Tôlanaro, which would be the nearest airport to the Mandrare River camp. This is a fantastic base to explore the surrounding forests and mountains with ample wildlife living in these areas. It is possible that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your tent to spot one of Madagascar’s endemic creatures.

For a family trip to Madagascar, the Falcon 7X aircraft is a perfect fit. Seating up to 14 passengers and offering plenty of space in the cabin, the Falcon 7x has a 12 hour flight range allowing you to reach the island in one leg from most major cities. During your time onboard, you will be able to enjoy a cabin with four seating areas, a sofa and table section for socialising and enjoying food and drink, and even a night-time set up, for passengers to rest and sleep in comfort if they wish. For a family trip looking to fly in comfort while arriving at their destination in Madagascar quickly and smoothly, the Falcon 7X ticks all the boxes.

Natural World Safaris offer an incredible package that allows you to explore the gallery forests, home to ring-tailed lemurs and verreaux sifakas. Otherwise you can take a scenic helicopter flight over to the private island of Miavana. On arrival onto the island, you will be picked up in your own electric vehicle and taken to your Miavana villa to relax.

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