Client-Preferred Operator Spotlight: Platoon Aviation

At Victor, we prioritise connecting our members with top-tier charter operators, ensuring unparalleled experiences in private aviation. This month, we are delighted to spotlight Platoon Aviation, an exceptional client-preferred operator based in Europe. With an impressive aircraft rating of 97.2% and an outstanding onboard rating of 99%, Platoon Aviation can be considered among the most elite private jet charter operators on the market and a firm Victor favourite. With their base in Hamburg, Germany, and aircraft capable of covering a 3700 km radius, they can reach the entire European continent.

About Platoon Aviation

Founded in 2021, Platoon Aviation has rapidly become a preferred choice in the private charter market. With a vision to be the “go-to” charter operator, Platoon offers a floating fleet and ad-hoc charter services, focusing on the B2B market by working exclusively with brokers. Their mission is to deliver a sleek, seamless, and serene experience for clients from the moment of booking to their arrival at the final destination.

Platoon Aviation operates a fleet of seven PC-24 aircraft, soon to be expanded to eight. This fleet consistency ensures that every client enjoys a uniform and high-quality experience, regardless of the specific aircraft they board. The PC-24 is renowned for its versatility, combining the performance of a light jet with the comfort and space of a midsize jet, making it an ideal choice for a variety of missions.

Each PC-24 seats 6 to 8 passengers and can accommodate 9 to 10 bags, ensuring ample space for both passengers and their belongings. This makes the PC-24 an ideal choice for a variety of missions, offering the perfect blend of performance and luxury. Arguably one of the most important features of the PC24 is how fuel-efficient it is compared to other SuperLight jets. Because it is a relatively new model of aircraft, it burns 38% less fuel on average per hour compared with the older Citation XLS+. Read more here

Seamless Collaboration with Victor

Here is what Platoon had to say about their working relationship with Victor: “Our experience with Victor has been overwhelmingly positive. We appreciate the level of expertise and thoroughness of the Victor team, which only enhances our product and service to their clients. The speed and ease of communication is simple and makes for an effective and efficient business transaction. It is always a pleasure to work with professional and like-minded companies, and we are happy to say Victor is one of them.”

Platoon Aviation’s dedication to maintaining a high standard of service is evident in their rapid growth and continual improvement. The forthcoming addition of an eighth PC-24 will further enhance their market coverage, allowing them to serve a broader client base with the same exceptional quality.

Testimonials from Victor Clients using Platoon Aviation

Here’s what some of our clients have said about their experiences with Platoon Aviation:

  • “Really enjoyed the flight and loved the food that was provided, thank you so much.”
  • “We had a very good flight and we were pleased with the plane and staff.”
  • “Flight was the best I’ve ever had – loved the crew and wanted to ensure thanks will be passed onto them. They did a sterling job.”
  • “Everything for the journey was perfect again so thank you.”

Looking Ahead

As Platoon Aviation continues to expand, they are focused on enhancing integration between key platforms to improve efficiency and deliver even higher levels of customer service. This commitment to continual improvement and client satisfaction makes Platoon Aviation a standout operator in the private aviation industry.

For more information about Platoon Aviation and to book your next flight, reach out to one of our team by emailing

At Victor, we are proud to partner with operators like Platoon Aviation who share our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration and providing our clients with the best possible private aviation experiences.