Which very-light jet would you choose?

Phenom 100 vs. Citation Mustang

Whether for a business meeting or a romantic weekend away, when it comes to chartering a very-light jet there is no shortage of options, which can make it challenging to select the perfect one for your trip. Let Victor’s expert team help you to choose the most suitable aircraft for your destination and requirements.

Two of the most popular very-light aircraft include the Cessna Citation Mustang and the Embraer Phenom 100.

The Phenom 100 is perfect for a weekend away, with excellent baggage capacity and a bright interior thanks to its large windows.

The Phenom 100 also has the most spacious cabin in its class, affording you a relaxing journey. The aircraft has fixed stairs, which is rare for its category and makes for a very convenient entry and exit.

Focusing on performance rather than comfort, the Citation Mustang is designed for efficiency and often proves to be the most cost-effective jet aircraft for short hops. The Mustang can also reach small airports such as La Môle, Lugano and even Bolzano when chartered commercially.

Allowing you to prepare for your meeting en route, the Mustang boasts a very quiet cabin compared to other aircraft in its class.

Both aircraft can fly comfortably around Europe and between city pairs in the US. Victor has a wide selection available to choose from – check www.flyvictor.com/aircraft-operators to find the perfect very-light jet for your next trip.

The choice is yours.

Aircraft features

Phenom 100
Citation Mustang
Cabin Length (metres)
Cabin Height (metres)
Cabin Width (metres)
Hold space (metres)
Number in Europe

Aircraft interiors

Phenom 100

Citation Mustang

Aircraft exteriors

Phenom 100

Citation Mustang

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