Beyond A Green Legacy to A Green Future

Written by Victor Co-CEO, Toby Edwards. 

Over the past week, the discussion around climate change has been noticeably returning to prominence and the voices pushing for a green post-pandemic recovery are becoming increasingly louder.

For me, this has given pause to reflect on our achievements since formalising our climate action strategy just over 12 months ago, which followed the launch of our carbon offsetting programme back in 2018.

It’s incredibly motivating to work for an organisation that has led a substantial sustainability programme across the business aviation sector. There’s still, of course, plenty to be done – and I, for one, am in full agreement that the economic recovery must be low-carbon and sustainable, otherwise we risk an even more damaging crisis in the future.

After parting with our former shareholders BP Ventures earlier this year, we mutually agreed to conclude the BP Target Neutral programme in March. As an independent company, we now have full freedom to choose the offset and climate action partners we work with. However, it would be remiss not to give credit to the Target Neutral team in helping to shape the early stage strategy that has been key to our long term success.

In the 9 month period (July 2019 to March 2020) between the launch of the 200% Carbon Offset Climate Action Initiative and us parting with the Target Neutral programme, Victor offset 37,125 tonnes of carbon, with BP Target Neutral themselves offsetting over 2,700. In addition to their contribution to the carbon credits, Target Neutral helped us generate awareness across our operator base and enabled us to build credibility in an area which at the time, was not mainstream.

Moving forward, Victor will continue to offset with our partners South Pole and Vertis Environmental Financewhose projects deliver measurable benefits aligned with the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

By July 2021, we are forecasting to have cumulatively offset over 90,000 credits over the course of 24 months.

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Thank you to all of our customers who choose to fly at 200% or 400% offset. A special thank you to Mike Ryan for playing a key role in establishing our green legacy, and to the following leading operators across Europe who continue to offset:


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