At first sight, Bombardier’s ultra-long-range Global 7500 exudes an aura of comfort and luxury that may seem more akin to a Rolls Royce or Bentley than a Ferrari. Yet, a closer inspection of the aircraft’s history and design reveals a different story altogether. The fact that the first purchaser of this model was none other than the former Formula 1 champion and aviation entrepreneur, Niki Lauda, tells you all you need to know about the aircraft’s prestige and performance.

After enjoying a recent empty-leg flight from London to Miami on a Global 7500, Jamie Heffer, Senior Sales Executive at Victor said, “The main thing that stood out for me was just how quiet it was inside the cabin. The aircraft has a noise cancellation system that brings the sound of the engines down to 50 decibels – which is about the same as the hum of your average home refrigerator. As it’s a relatively new model, it can also be considered one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft on the market, certainly within its class.”

With seating for up to 14 passengers, the Global 7500 offers ample space for travelers to unwind during long-haul flights. You can also expect an upgrade from typical airline food as the crew will be able to make use of a fully equipped kitchen, featuring an oven, steam microwave, coffee machine, and wine cooler.

The interior of the Global 7500 is divided into four main living spaces. The Club Suite welcomes passengers with adjustable executive seats and side tables. Transitioning to the Conference Suite, travelers find a six-seat meeting and dining area, accompanied by a spacious table and a high-definition TV. The ability to have a full-width table (as pictured above) makes this aircraft the perfect option for conducting business meetings or enjoying more formal dining with family and friends.

The Entertainment Suite offers a relaxing space with a three-place divan and a 55-inch 4K TV, which is perfect for gaming or watching movies while the Private Suite provides a secluded retreat and usually features a large bed and ensuite bathroom. Throughout the aircraft, six ultra-large windows flood each section with natural light, creating an atmosphere of understated luxury. The ability to lie down in bed and enjoy a comfortable sleep during your long haul flight is a massive bonus that very few other aircraft are able to provide.

Despite all the additional weight from its opulent interior, this aircraft is still as nimble as the best of them, as one pilot recently wrote in a review for Aviation Week – “The Global 7500 responds more like a Ferretti sport yacht than a stately Feadship in terms of agility. Most crews never will need to press the aircraft to its limits. But flying the aircraft to the low-speed edges of the flight envelope instills plenty of confidence in its capabilities, should the need arise.”

This agility is matched by its impressive performance record. In 2019, the Global 7500 set a new world record for the longest nonstop flight by a business jet, covering 15,764 km from Singapore to Tucson, United States. Upon landing, the Global 7500 still had fuel reserves that would have lasted for nearly 1.5 hours of additional flight.

It also established the highest speed record for a business aircraft during flights from New York to London and Los Angeles to New York. On both occasions, the aircraft flew at Mach 0.925 for the majority of the flight time.

“The Global 7500 aircraft was built to break all the records,” said David Coleal, President of Bombardier Business Aircraft in 2019. “It achieved the industry’s longest mission ever in business aviation after only two months in service. We’ve demonstrated its unequalled long-range and high-speed capabilities, confirming its unsurpassed performance to customers.

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