Behind the scenes at Victor

We take immense pride in ensuring that the booking process for private jet charters is as smooth and effortless as possible for our members. From our clients’ standpoint, this process can be as simple as sending a request via WhatsApp to their dedicated account manager, selecting their preferred option, and completing the payment. However, behind this apparent simplicity lies a significant amount of effort to orchestrate a seamless jet charter experience while maintaining exceptional customer service standards.

Traditionally, private jet brokers undertake multifaceted roles involving market scanning for optimal options, cultivating operator relationships, managing administrative tasks, tracking flight movements, and, of course, catering to the client needs. At Victor, we’ve adopted a distinct approach. We’ve structured our business model around three core departments dedicated to serving our clients: Account Management, Sourcing, and Flight Management. Below, we offer deeper insights into these departments and feature perspectives from some of the individuals who help to drive Victor’s success.

Account Management team

Upon registering with Victor you are automatically assigned an Account Manager whose primary role is to make sure that you have an exceptional experience with us. Your account manager is to be considered your primary point of contact for any travel requirements and they are available 24/7 by phone, web or app. 

Of paramount importance is that our account managers are fully transparent and honest with our clients. We are the only on-demand jet charter provider to offer fully transparent quotes, disclosing actual operator and aircraft details before you book. Our account managers provide highly detailed charter proposals that include the estimated fuel burn on every quote, we always aim to help steer clients toward the most environmental options.

All our account managers are aviation experts and can provide candid, unrivalled insight about the charter market as well as the nuances of operational activity. Deborah Morin, VP of Sales, has been working in aviation since 2015 and has spent the last 5 years at Victor.

On the benefit of Victor’s business model Deborah explains, “Having three teams working on each trip allows us to service our clients more effectively and efficiently. While the sourcing team is quoting the trip, we can use the time to communicate with the client and fine tune their experience. Additionally, when the Operations team is working on the post booking information, we can continue to improve the relationship with the client. There are three people invested in the experience with multiple “eyes on the trip”. I find this allows me to focus on ensuring that details are not missed and the client experience is uniquely positive.”

Sourcing Team

As soon as you’ve spoken to your account manager and your private jet charter request has been qualified, the sourcing team steps in to help find you the best available options. Information such as the number of bags, dogs (and their weight), and number of passengers travelling can determine which aircraft is suitable based on the client’s needs. Our dedicated sourcing team have a deep understanding of the nuances that come with chartering all kinds of aircraft around the world such as specific runway lengths, airport restrictions, permitted lead times and pet approved airports.

The team also has great relationships with the operators to help negotiate pricing. Having a dedicated sourcing team alleviates any pressure on the account managers so that they can focus on looking after their clients.

Kayla Marks, Director of Sourcing for Victor North America, started her aviation career at one of the largest floating fleets in the US about a decade ago before taking on a role with a brokerage. She also obtained her FAA dispatcher licence before working in aircraft management helping to crew, schedule, charter, and dispatch flights. 

Speaking on behalf of the department, Kayla stated, “It is important to have a dedicated sourcing team in order to effectively build relationships within the aviation industry that can benefit our clients. To the sourcing team our operators are our clients too and we work in partnership to not just provide excellent options, but also to get ahead of all the logistics involved in pulling off a flight legally, safely, and efficiently. The core objectives of the sourcing team are speed, accuracy, creative problem solving, and relationship building.”

Operations Team

Once you’ve chosen the ideal aircraft from your proposal and the aircraft has been secured, the operations team steps in to take control of the flight logistics. From catering and ground transportation to slots and weather updates, they oversee everything from the point of booking through to post-flight to make sure the entire journey runs smoothly.

Having a dedicated operation team ensures that each flight is treated with the utmost care and diligence. Each member of the team proactively works to obtain slot confirmation, tailored onboard catering, and coordinated onward travel such as ground transportation.

William Molina, Director of Operations for Victor North America, explains “A dedicated Operations team is important to have primarily for the support we can extend. With that support we can build on rapport with our providers and clients. A dedicated team with a strong foundation in terms of rapport goes a long way when making an impression for the client and their specific requests.”

Will continues, “The core objectives of the Operations team is to consistently and continuously provide a high attention to detail work output. We deal with a lot of requests for quotes that have specific dates, times, and routes – with flight management we deal with a number of trips with details that have to be managed carefully to avoid errors. In the last 12 months the department has evolved by bringing on board two very qualified industry personnel to provide additional calibre.”

The Operation Team are constantly reviewing and developing processes and communications, as well as utilising new tools, practices and platforms. The team continues to grow in numbers so there’s no doubt that you’ll see plenty more innovation.

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