Victor moves HQ: Member FAQs

Q: What does Victor’s acquisition by an Abu Dhabi investment group mean for the company’s long-term vision and stability?  

A: Victor’s acquisition signals stability and the reassurance of a long-term plan for the company. With the financial backing and strategic vision of Abu Dhabi, Victor will be able to fulfil its vision to become the number one on-demand aircraft charter company worldwide, solidifying the company’s climate action and growth strategy. 

Q: How will Victor’s day-to-day operations be impacted by the acquisition?  

A: Victor’s team in London will continue to serve its existing clients as usual. We expect the acquisition to have a positive impact on customer service as a result of recruiting outstanding individuals in a new time zone with expertise in the MENA region. Victor will continue to operate independently, with decisions regarding operations, customer service, and business strategy made autonomously by the existing management team. 

Q: Will my Account Manager remain the same following the acquisition and HQ move? 

A: Your Account Manager will remain in their role and continue to assist you with your travel requirements in exactly the same way as prior to the new ownership. 

Q: Will the establishment of your HQ in the UAE influence decisions that concern clients outside the MENA region? 

A: It is important to note that the primary objective behind establishing a headquarters in the UAE is to facilitate a dedicated team focused solely on the MENA region. Rest assured, Victor’s UK, Europe, and US based teams will maintain their commitment to serving existing clients in the accustomed manner. Global decision-making processes, and both co-CEOs, will remain centralised in London, England. 

We anticipate that clients outside of the MENA region will also reap the benefits of this development, as the team in Abu Dhabi will be diligently cultivating relationships with global operators and handling agents. The additional expertise in the region will allow our Account Managers to provide even deeper insights into the broader market landscape. 

Q: What benefits does the acquisition bring to existing Victor customers?  

A: The acquisition brings many benefits, particularly for those who travel throughout the MENA region. New, experienced Victor colleagues who benefit from stronger relationships with operators in the region will enable access to better intelligence on fleets and airports. Clients will also benefit from increased international collaboration, partnerships, faster global connectivity across teams and time zones, expanded services, ground transportation services, and Arabic language capability. 

Q: Will Victor’s brand identity change as a result of the new ownership? 

A: The new ownership will not impact Victor’s core values and brand identity. The distinctive brand qualities such as 24/7 account management, fully transparent quotes, commitment to climate action and a completely personalised approach to customer service will continue to define the Victor experience. Preserving the brand was a significant reason Abu Dhabi acquired Victor.  

Q: How will Victor ensure clients stay informed about any changes or developments?  

A: Victor is committed to transparent communication and will promptly and clearly communicate any changes or developments, allowing clients to stay informed and confident in the services provided. Clients can stay updated by subscribing to regular newsletters and following Victor on social media. 

Q: Will customer data privacy and security standards change for UAE resident customers?  

A: Victor has an unwavering commitment to safeguarding customer privacy and ensuring the highest security standards. All data processed on behalf of UAE resident customers will be stored in the UAE. 

Q: Will Victor’s commitment to excellence and high standards of service be impacted by the acquisition?  

A:  We expect this acquisition to enhance our ability to provide market-leading levels of customer service. Victor remains dedicated to providing the best service in the jet charter marketplace, with the same rigorous standards of professionalism and integrity. A new National Accounts division has been created in Abu Dhabi to set even higher standards of excellence for servicing Middle East Royalty and Government business in the future. 

Q: How will the acquisition impact Victor’s commitment to Client satisfaction?  

A: Client satisfaction remains the number one priority for Victor under the new ownership. Each client will retain their dedicated Account Manager and receive a personalised service for every travel requirement. The core team will continue to serve existing clients as usual without any anticipated interruption. A new world-class Abu Dhabi-based team, with abundant Middle East experience, is being recruited to service customers across the MENA region. 

Q: Will Victor remain compliant with relevant regulations and industry standards?  

A: Yes, Victor will continue to operate in accordance with relevant local regulations and industry standards worldwide, maintaining the highest levels of safety and security wherever customers are travelling from/to. Victor remains fully compliant with all relevant regulations and laws, including those pertaining to international business transactions and aviation operations, and is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards globally. Safety and security are paramount and as an Argus-certified charter provider, we will continue to work with AOC-certified operators. Our Client Preferred Operator scheme remains unique to the industry and will offer even further insight for members given our market expansion. 

Q: How will Victor continue to respect diversity among customers, staff, and partners?  

Diversity and inclusion will always remain an important part of our DNA. At Victor, we are proud to lay claim to a company culture which allows our staff the freedom to be their authentic selves in the workplace. We plan to not only maintain the values and ethics that we currently uphold but to continue building and fostering an inclusive culture in the workplace where our employees know that there is zero tolerance for prejudice of any kind. 

Q. Will my funds still be going to HSBC UK? 

Funds received by Victor for flights from members are deposited directly into an HSBC client deposit account and held until they become due to flight operators. Payment for flights is made to the operator from the client deposit account with sufficient time to clear the operator’s account in full, at least 24 hours before the last-time close of banking (during normal banking hours) prior to the flight departure time. 

Through the use of a client deposit account for all member payments, Victor offers complete peace of mind, assuring members that their funds paid to Victor for flights can only be used to pay the operator for the booked journey. 

In the event of a member cancelling a confirmed flight, any cancellation fees owed to the operator, as outlined in the operator’s terms and conditions, are settled using member funds held in the client deposit account. Any remaining funds are then returned to the member. 

Q. Can I now pay for my charter using Dirhams? 

Victor accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers, both online and offline. All funds need to be received and cleared before take-off. We accommodate payments in US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro, Abu Dhabi Dirham, and Kuwaiti Dinar.