Navigating the plethora of options for chartering a private jet can often feel daunting, leaving you unsure about where to find the best value. At Victor, we pride ourselves on illuminating what many perceive as a murky market by offering complete transparency, ensuring our members are equipped with all the necessary information before they book. 

In this article, Stuart Manning, Victor’s Director of Finance, provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide and invaluable insights into the best practices for paying for your Victor private jet charter. 

Review options and request any extras 

Once you receive a range of transparent quotes from your Account Manager you can decide which aircraft best suits your requirements. Based on your specific needs, we can also make sure that your journey is completely unique; whether you’re looking to travel with pets or precious cargo, host an important business meeting, or even celebrate a special occasion. 

Some specific catering may be at an additional cost, but our dedicated Flight Management team will agree this with you before ordering. Wi-fi where available is usually charged as an extra cost, but again this will be fully explained and agreed beforehand. 

We always aim to disclose any required de-icing charges prior to the booking process. De-icing is the process of removing snow, ice or frost from the surface of the jet – this is industry standard and charges are invoiced at cost price – usually after the flight. De-icing is not required of course for the majority of flights, but it is worth factoring into your budget in case you are going skiing or traveling to cooler climes during the winter months.  Due to changing weather patterns, it is not always known if there will be an additional charge until the day of the flight.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel – opt in or opt out? 

Victor members are able to purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel during the checkout process, making Victor the first and only on-demand private jet charter provider to credibly offer SAF for every booking, regardless of operator or departure airport.  

When booking with us, you’re automatically opted-in to purchase SAF. Through an interactive slider function, you can select the amount of SAF you wish to purchase or opt out entirely. Following your voluntary purchase, we notify Neste, the world’s leading producer of SAF, who then delivers the fuel from their refinery to Helsinki airport. The SAF is subsequently utilised on a commercial flight by one of their partner airlines. 

Upon completing the purchase, Victor members receive a receipt detailing the amount of Neste MY SAF™ purchased and later receive a delivery confirmation confirming the total GHG emission reductions achieved. It’s imperative to note that our ‘Pay Here, Use There‘ blueprint is non-profit, with all funds allocated toward voluntary SAF purchases being directly transferred to Neste. 

Choose your payment option 

Once you click ‘Accept,’ you’ll be directed to a screen where you can choose your preferred payment method, including direct bank transfer, debit, or credit card. You’ll be prompted to provide an invoice address and accept the terms and conditions for the chosen operator. 

Victor accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers, both online and offline. It’s essential for all funds to be received and cleared before takeoff. We accommodate payments in US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro, United Arab Emirates Dirham, and Kuwaiti Dinar. 

Payment is due upon the time of booking. Some operators will allow a deposit of 30% before a full payment if there is greater than 30 days between booking and flying. Your Account Manager will offer guidance on payment requirements based on the operator you are flying with.

Understanding transaction fees 

In the US, where there is a standard transaction fee of three percent. In the EU and UK, the rules vary based on whether it’s a personal or corporate card. Corporate cards might allow the recovery of fees from the cardholder. Visa debit cards typically have lower transaction fees compared to other cards such as Amex corporate cards. Be sure to ask your Account Manager about any transaction fees your credit card provider might charge you with. 

Ask about the operator’s cancellation policy 

Cancellation policy varies between aircraft operators. We are always transparent about the cancellation terms and make sure that Victor members are covered by the operator’s terms and conditions when they book a flight, rather than a third-party agency agreement. 

In the event of a member cancelling a confirmed flight, any cancellation fees owed to the operator, as outlined in the operator’s terms and conditions, are settled using member funds held in the client deposit account. Any remaining funds are then returned to the member. 

Making sure your money is secure

Funds received by Victor for flights from members are deposited directly into a client deposit account and held in trust until they become due to flight operators. Payment for flights is made to the operator from the client deposit account with sufficient time to clear the operator’s account in full, at least 24 hours before the last-time close of banking (during normal banking hours) prior to the flight departure time. 

Through the use of a client deposit account for all member payments, Victor offers complete peace of mind, assuring members that their funds paid to Victor for flights can only be used to pay the operator for the booked journey. 

Receiving confirmation 

When you have selected payment, and accepted the Terms and Conditions for the aircraft operator, you will receive your charter confirmation and payment details by email from Victor.

Earn while you fly 

After making a booking, clients automatically accrue loyalty points through our Alto program, enabling them to leverage benefits when booking hotels, yachts, products, and services within our partner collective. With a network of 24 luxury partners and enhanced frequent-flyer point offerings, Alto stands as the sole program of its kind in private aviation. 

Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 10,000 points, you can redeem them for your next flight or for bookings within our Alto partner network. 

For more information about paying for a private jet charter feel free to email us at